This is Perry.
He is an importing genius with over 25 years of experience importing goods from overseas. He is the author of the best selling import e-book: "China Importing Secrets."
Needless to say, he is a master importer and he wants to share his priceless importing know-how procedures and contacts with you. He has recruited incredible import geniuses like him to create the Digital Retailers Association.
This highly exclusive group is a must for ecomm and retail entrepreneurs who want to build brands, create product lines, and dominate their markets, but there is a catch...
It is limited to 50 members per year. 

Because you get to go with the master to China and see him in action. You'll witness how he builds brands such as:
And So Much More...
Speaking of so much more, there are incredible benefits to being a part of this exclusive association as a retailer (both digital and physical). To find out more details and to hear about the entire list of benefits, fill out the contact form below, and the DRA concierge will contact you as soon as possible.
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